Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nicest Airport Award: Madrid Barajas

It's a privilege to be able to tell your taxi driver that you are to be dropped off at "terminal cuatro," the main hub for Iberia. Since the T4 extension was completed in 2006 by architect Richard Rogers, Barajas has since become Europe's 4th busiest airport and ranks 11th in the world. The double-tiered gates just beyond security in T4 feature a gradual change in the color spectrum, literally. This is one of many visually attractive elements that we love. The warmth of wood in the ceilings and the use of glass material used liberally throughout the double-tiered levels create a sense of liberation in space and sound, achieving exactly what the team at Richard Rogers hoped to convey: calm. For those like ourselves, who break a sweat trying not to miss yet another plane by mere seconds, this airport makes it worth getting there a little earlier if only to relax before squeezing ourselves in for an uncomfortably long, restless ride home.

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