Sunday, December 5, 2010

Easy Morning: Fat Radish

We wouldn't call it the perfect place for either a lingering brunch or a solo English breakfast and paper. But it certainly would be our first choice for ducking into a place so chill we thought it belonged in California (at a stretch, maybe Montauk). The white-washed brick space is spacious yet cozy, minimal, aligning with our love for found objects, and respectful, having left the Red Chinese characters on the wall in homage to its former incarnation as a sausage factory. Two Brits have re-envisioned English cuisine and a few things that stood out the most after a long, lingering breakfast and two cups of strong coffee was the beet and pear juice (garden in a glass), homemade sausage and the banana bread sandwich. A coffee bar at the front allows takeaway and muffins.

17 Orchard St., NYC

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion Week: Band of Outsiders Spring 2011 Collection

Scott Sternberg takes us back to military school dormitories with a hint of college campus in the 90's. He not only accessorizes with light-rimmed eyewear (a contrast to the heavy-frames that are ubiquitous), but he takes his preppy sensibility a huge leap further by bearing calves, in every variation. We couldn't help but also notice that college football season was at last underway.

Fashion Week: Girl by Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg's new Girl collection may be his most feminine, but you can't take the boy out of the Girl. The fabrics and silhouettes may be softer and lighter, yet he playfully infuses military sensibility and tuxedo details into his dresses and rompers. It's that sense of ambiguity that's utterly captivating.

Photo by Nick Wolf

Fashion Week: Lorick Spring 2011 Collection

Called Linear Dawn, Abigail Lorick's Spring collection, which debuted at the Tela Design Studio this past week, focuses on sheer fabrics in a soft palette of pale greys, blues and pinks, including hand-painted georgette. We fell in love with Lorick's feminine designs a couple years ago, gravitating mostly to her painted silks and mid-century silhouettes. The designer, who also designs for Gossip Girl, told WWD that her new collection is about "letting go and getting to her roots."

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Monocle Shop Opens

Last Thursday after 8 o'clock in the evening, the Monocle shop was still furiously unpacking, readying itself for its official opening on Monday when it will unveil its second U.S. outpost in the west village. It's about time.

535 Hudson St., at Charles

Above: Los Angeles Monocle Shop, Santa Monica

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rain Check

We're embracing the wet weather, taking those dark skies as a sign we should get a head start on our Fall outerwear. Here are a few of our faves, starting with the Elka Army Raincoat from Denmark, offered by Rogue's Gallery. Just below is the Fall Rain Slicker by Steven Alan, followed by Freemans Sporting Club's Chore Jacket. Made from water-resistant waxed cotton, FSC added brass buttons from the Waterbury Button Company, circa 1812, as a nice special detail. At bottom, Steven Alan's Seaside Slicker Jacket of waxed cotton, with detachable hood. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kings County Distillery

Finally, NYC's first whiskey distillery since pre-prohibition. They had us at "moonshine."  The planets seem to be aligning for us ever since Fatty Cue and Dram put us in a whiskey mood.

Available at Astor Wine & Spirits, UVA, Park Avenue Liquor, and restaurants (come September).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Trench

This year's trench by Jack Spade borrows from their former collaboration with Mackintosh and somehow manages to improve it twofold. The waxy exterior is super soft and pliant so you can actually move your arms while you wear it. What is normally a boxy silhouette is cut slim and tailored, so slim that we had to go up one size, anticipating thicker sweaters during colder days; and the sandy beige color adds a more modern touch.

Weekend Docket: East of the East River

This is how it went on a Saturday just east of the East River:
1. PS1: watched tots armed with exercise balls dunk themselves in the kiddie pool on ourway to the stairs that lead up to what will be an unsurprising exhibition by PS1 standards. Gawked and smirked then sat outside on the cool concrete with a pilsner while watching the Hindu dancer steal The Blondes' thunder.
2. Biked to Fatty Cue, started off with whisky and pickleback shots (see image here). Love: Pullman's toast with master fat, bbq duck and red curry, steamed bao, peanut butter and pretzel pie. Best drink: Smoking Bone (whiskey, tabasco and chocolate bitters, etc.).
4. Walked over to Marlow and Sons for an El Heriberto tequila cocktail.
5. Biked to Dram for a penicillin scotch cocktail with a touch of Laphroaig, our whisky of choice: smoky, woody and leathery.
5. Dessert at Diner: flourless chocolate cake.
Happy indulgent weekend.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Atlanta Summer Eats

It's time for NYC to humble itself (just a smidge), because there is another town that can dig into the annals of cocktail history and serve up amazing drinks to perfection. Every cocktail menu presented to us, from hotels bars to simple pre-brunch whistler-wetters, left us more indecisive than usual. And it doesn't stop there. Farm to table seasonal fare is prevalent, starting with the westside district's Abattoir (fittingly housed in a rehabbed meat-packing warehouse), which was reminiscent of Blue Hill Farm's fresh raw vegetable starters, only with a side of just-enough buttermilk that reminded us of Mom's vegetable garden in Illinois, and an adventurous menu of offals. What we went crazy for: open-faced brisket sandwich on thick-cut homemade bread and fried pickles, latin-inspired tripe stew, and a rouge chocolate stout cheddar from Oregon. Next day for brunch we went to the cusp of Buckhead to Holeman and Finch where there is the regular, seasonal menu and then there is The Burger. By the way, this is the same place that serves rooster's head and cock's comb. This is not vegetarian-territory. The Burger is two double-patties served with pickles and American cheese on a homemade bun and pretty much is in our Top 5 burgers of all time. Yes, get thee to Atlanta. And because we're rarely in this part of the country, we felt compelled to start off with the cheddar biscuit and sweet tea butter, wash it all down with a local Terrapin brew (too overpowering for the burger but great flavor) and a peche (when in Georgia) lambic, then finish off with the fried peach pie. We're OK, we've sweated it out in a 90 minute bikram session since. We were just looking for something to good to eat outside of BLT Steak for the 2nd and 3rd time, and ended up in some kind of culinary getaway.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Underdog

This photo represents the 1974 World Cup final, Netherlands v. Germany, one of only 2 times the Netherlands has ever made it to the World Cup Final. Unfortunately, despite a promising start in the first half, they lost to Germany 2-1. We'll be rooting for the Underdog today, Studio Square, LIC.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Venice Beach, California

Tate Donovan rides the sweetest Linus bike. We know, because we saw him walking it down Abbot Kinney last Saturday. Abbot Kinney is our new favorite drag and Venice Beach is our new favorite town. Perhaps we're being presumptuous- then again it's our thing to be presumptuous- when we say that Venice is our home away from home. In other words it's Brooklyn with a tan, and a sunnier outlook. We took the long way through a sleepy Culver City that afternoon, picked up a soft green and white striped towel at the Mollusk Surf Shop while admiring the Mollusk branded trunks in perfectly faded colors of orange, blues and greens (on sale $40). After a 2-hour cat nap on the beach, in between watching the longboarders and an 8-year old girl wonder in in elbow and knee pads shred the skate park, we hit up Abbot Kinney upon which our love for Venice came into full bloom. We recommend the softest sweats (ever) at Aviator Nation, playing table tennis in front of Jack Spade, shopping the sale rack of swimwear next door, the kimchee quesadilla from the Calbi Korean taco truck parked on the west side of the street, the denim shorts at The Stronghold (1st denim company in Los Angeles), the bikes at Linus, and everything at Steven Alan.

Venice Beach skate park
Jack Spade storefront
Mollusk Surf Shop
Steven Alan
Bar at Aviator Nation
Backyard stage and grill at Aviator Nation
Linus bike on the street (not the aforementioned Tate's)
Outside the Stronghold
Venice Beach skate park
8-year old wonder
Stronghold sandwichboard

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 4th, Los Angeles

Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood
Rudy's on Melrose
Red O
Bar at Bazaar
From Mt. Hollywood
Griffith Observatory
Checking in at the Avalon, Beverly Hills

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Docket: Philly

This is how we like to do it on the cheap. Took the 5pm Bolt Bus on a Friday to the most underrated city within a 2 hour driving radius, with enough time to catch some bistro fare at the bar on the Square then head to...Well, let's back up a bit here. If you've been keeping up with our National saga you'll know that amid the impossibility of getting tickets to the BAM Opera House (read below) we were forced to take our business to the new "Maxwell's" for good shows, the Electric Factory: a place to get away if you didn't feel like swinging hipster or preppy that day and you were maybe, also, feeling a little homesick for a San Fran-esque crowd without missing the Fliers kick some Blackhawks bum and knew you could get a running, albeit tipsy, tally from the band on stage. Although we thank The National for bookending our favorite songs, not everything we report is perfect. The sound guy must be a drummer, because the drums were the only thing that sounded close to record-perfect that night. Our ears are still ringing as we say good-bye to frequencies never to be heard again. Saved the cabfare and walked the 20 minutes back to the Hotel Palomar, our new favorite place to stay in Philly. We turned in. The only thing open late (read: 12:30am) was a bar, a club or greasy Pete's Diner. The next day we crossed the river to the Penn campus and ate at Jose Garces' answer to no-good-Mexican-west-of-Chitown, Distrito. Maybe it's because our prayers for good Mexican had already been eclipsed by last weekend's trip to Newport at Perros Salado (get the guac and the chilaquiles). With the exception of the carnitas and hamachi tacos, we could have taken it or left it. Ok, we would have taken the tres leches dessert along with the tacos. Enough whining. Since this is after all a blog about the things we love, we're here to declare our love for Philly- a love that's been in the making since we stepped foot off that first Chinatown bus five years ago- so much so, we're already planning our mid-summer retreat with Hotel Palomar as our home away from home.