Sunday, December 5, 2010

Easy Morning: Fat Radish

We wouldn't call it the perfect place for either a lingering brunch or a solo English breakfast and paper. But it certainly would be our first choice for ducking into a place so chill we thought it belonged in California (at a stretch, maybe Montauk). The white-washed brick space is spacious yet cozy, minimal, aligning with our love for found objects, and respectful, having left the Red Chinese characters on the wall in homage to its former incarnation as a sausage factory. Two Brits have re-envisioned English cuisine and a few things that stood out the most after a long, lingering breakfast and two cups of strong coffee was the beet and pear juice (garden in a glass), homemade sausage and the banana bread sandwich. A coffee bar at the front allows takeaway and muffins.

17 Orchard St., NYC

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  1. Any idea where they sourced their furniture? I'm especially interested in their dining tables...