Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Docket: Philly

This is how we like to do it on the cheap. Took the 5pm Bolt Bus on a Friday to the most underrated city within a 2 hour driving radius, with enough time to catch some bistro fare at the bar on the Square then head to...Well, let's back up a bit here. If you've been keeping up with our National saga you'll know that amid the impossibility of getting tickets to the BAM Opera House (read below) we were forced to take our business to the new "Maxwell's" for good shows, the Electric Factory: a place to get away if you didn't feel like swinging hipster or preppy that day and you were maybe, also, feeling a little homesick for a San Fran-esque crowd without missing the Fliers kick some Blackhawks bum and knew you could get a running, albeit tipsy, tally from the band on stage. Although we thank The National for bookending our favorite songs, not everything we report is perfect. The sound guy must be a drummer, because the drums were the only thing that sounded close to record-perfect that night. Our ears are still ringing as we say good-bye to frequencies never to be heard again. Saved the cabfare and walked the 20 minutes back to the Hotel Palomar, our new favorite place to stay in Philly. We turned in. The only thing open late (read: 12:30am) was a bar, a club or greasy Pete's Diner. The next day we crossed the river to the Penn campus and ate at Jose Garces' answer to no-good-Mexican-west-of-Chitown, Distrito. Maybe it's because our prayers for good Mexican had already been eclipsed by last weekend's trip to Newport at Perros Salado (get the guac and the chilaquiles). With the exception of the carnitas and hamachi tacos, we could have taken it or left it. Ok, we would have taken the tres leches dessert along with the tacos. Enough whining. Since this is after all a blog about the things we love, we're here to declare our love for Philly- a love that's been in the making since we stepped foot off that first Chinatown bus five years ago- so much so, we're already planning our mid-summer retreat with Hotel Palomar as our home away from home.

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