Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Docket: East of the East River

This is how it went on a Saturday just east of the East River:
1. PS1: watched tots armed with exercise balls dunk themselves in the kiddie pool on ourway to the stairs that lead up to what will be an unsurprising exhibition by PS1 standards. Gawked and smirked then sat outside on the cool concrete with a pilsner while watching the Hindu dancer steal The Blondes' thunder.
2. Biked to Fatty Cue, started off with whisky and pickleback shots (see image here). Love: Pullman's toast with master fat, bbq duck and red curry, steamed bao, peanut butter and pretzel pie. Best drink: Smoking Bone (whiskey, tabasco and chocolate bitters, etc.).
4. Walked over to Marlow and Sons for an El Heriberto tequila cocktail.
5. Biked to Dram for a penicillin scotch cocktail with a touch of Laphroaig, our whisky of choice: smoky, woody and leathery.
5. Dessert at Diner: flourless chocolate cake.
Happy indulgent weekend.

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