Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Raleigh Denim

They're made in North Carolina by a husband & wife team who gained their craftsman's approach by learning from former denim (Levi's to be exact) specialists. Every pair is signed on the inside and numbered on the outside in embossed leather. Their jeans are personal: the x-ray hipbone design screened onto the interior are- with perfect irony- placed exactly, well, you know, where hipbones should be. We tried on the Camden straight-leg, the skinniest cut they make, in the color slate. They're not too skinny, so there's no need to fear that you're stepping into another pair of legging jeans. But they could stand to be a little tighter. (Maybe we're just used to our Acne Max cuts). John of AB Fits and Raleigh Denim rep loves the Lincoln pair he was wearing that day. The Lincoln is trimmed with selvedge at the coin pocket and the raw denim is meant to fade to a dark grey, while further turning into a worn light blue wash in all the right places: knees, inner thighs, what have you. He went on to say they were meant to feel lived in, like a comfy cozy pair of pajama pants. That pretty much sealed the deal. Available at Barney's in NYC and AB Fits in SF.

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