Saturday, November 14, 2009

SUNDAY: Weekly Pig Dissection at Joseph Leonard

Spoiler Alert: Not for our veggie friends who've already admonished the vegetarian options on the JL menu for being a bit after-thoughtful, nor those who are at least halfway through Eating Animals.

This West Village restaurant (what's a less vivid word for 'dissect'?... oh what the hell) dissects a pig and portions it out on a first come first serve basis into a six dish meal, including parts that are off the beaten menu. Their first week commencement will include gnocchi with braised pig shoulder and pork-butt meatball egg-drop soup. [Post Script: Joseph Leonard joins those dear ranks of vintage, rustic, 19th-century, Danish furniture and flea market lovers.]  
170 Waverly Place, NYC, 10014

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