Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Docket: Meandering...

SATURDAY: Carroll Gardens has been so incredibly lovely this Fall. Take a walk down those brownstone blocks lined with trees and littered with dead, fallen leaves. Stop into Smith+Butler and warm up inside the Modern Alchemy-scented room filled with antique pieces. Try on the oversized Filson cloth hunting jacket and the Randolph Engineering Aviators. Then nab the last pair of Quoddy Trail black canoe shoes before stepping down into the Unis menswear outpost where Red Wings line the shelves and the concrete floor shares space with a vintage motorcycle (yes, that too is for sale). If you're late to the game or have never walked down boutique-laden Smith St in Bkyln, take note: this store was inspired by the kind of characters made so famous by Dean and Brando and is reminiscent of the biker shops on which co-owner Jay Alaimo had been transfixed. 225 Smith, Bklyn, NY 11231

Pop in to Clover Club north along Smith St. and share some punch or grab our favorite Sour Cherry Fizz along with spiced almonds, then learn the difference between a mule and a buck. 210 Smith Street, Bklyn, NY 11201

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