Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getaway: Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro

You may've already read the Sartorialist post on Rio's Hotel Fasano last month, not to mention his companion photo-editorial in the March issue of GQ, and Garance's lovely photography that points out all the things we love about it too. There's really not a lot more to expand on the gorgeous photos of the rooftop pool/lounge and the beautiful people that glide in and out of the ground floor nightclub Londra on a weekly basis (it's still really all about Friday and Saturday nights in most places), except to add a few of our own photos that pretty much articulate what words can't. We liked the ground floor dark wood plank floors, always a bit sandy from beach-treaders, to the gauzy curtains that separate into three the check-in, the backlit runway that leads to Londra, and the spaciously serene sitting room that conjurs up nostalgia for Brazilian summers in the Amazon with its homage to another time and even place. Where Conde Nast Traveller (UK) sees Philippe's Starck's design as "uncharacteristically restrained," we saw passion thrust into a small breezy space with several vintage literature and photography and chairs, side tables and couches made from tropical wood and leather in at least 4, maybe even 5, sets for intimate conversations or meetings. Not to mention the incredibly large single piece of reclaimed wood being used as the front desk, and also weighing about 6 tons.

From top: 
king bed in room 313
reclaimed tropical wood coffee table
leather chairs under a vintage clock
rooftop pool on a lazy monday afternoon
fig and pineapple/grape drinks mixed with coconut water
the rooftop scene
sliding glass bathroom door
the 3rd floor hallway
room 313 

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