Monday, March 29, 2010

Mixtape: Dum Dum Girls

On Jail La La (our favorite song off the Dum Dum Girls Sub Pop debut I Will Be) front woman Dee Dee brings to mind the nostalgia of a reverbed Grace Slick mixed with the clarity of Petula Clark then worn thin with the jadedness of a dark, smoky room somewhere in Malibu, in the 70's. Hey, it's our fantasy, not yours. But it's that unexpected juxtaposition that has us excited for the first time in awhile. Apparently, wishes can also be granted in the form of dream producers. Dee Dee sent her recordings to music industry veteran Richard Gottehrer of Voidoids, Blondie and Go-Go's fame (and having most recently produced the Raveonettes, to which Nylon can't stop comparing them to the Dum Dum Girls), bringing him on as post-producer: "He used better versions of effects that he could tell I was going for and made it more grown-up," Dee Dee stated in the March issue of Nylon. They open for The Girls at Webster Hall in NYC this Saturday, April 3rd.

photo by Tamar Levine

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