Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The National do Brooklyn (again)

Shame on you. You don't read TLF unless it's Mad Men season. You especially don't read TLF when we so generously post the inside tip on the secret National shows that took place at The Bell House near the "blink and it's gentrified" Gowanus Canal in early March. So naturally you didn't go. And naturally you did not rub elbows with audience members such as Michael Stipe. So instead you get to read about it like it was some inaccessible, exclusive party to which you weren't invited like all the other followers of the Vanity Fair blog. Furthermore, the VF web-exclusive on the band might as well have been written by yours truly at TLF because not only does it include a well-deserved dripping description of our favorite of their haunting, "addictively sad" songs, Mistaken for Strangers, where the drums feel like they're going to burst inside your core, but also because, well, it actually mentions, deservedly so, the drums. If you're a BAM member then you're lucky, because you probably hold in your possession the magical (as in illusory, because we're still not sure they exist based on the last few days of gut-wrenching internet box office anxiety to which we were subjected) tickets to their upcoming BAM Opera House show on the 15th. Or you can take heed and get thee to the box office pronto stat. Of course you won't. Because you're not reading this. Right?

Photo by Justin Bishop

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