Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Docket: 1st Hamptons Saturday

Today was our 1st Saturday in the Hamptons since October. The clouds cleared just in time as we stood on the crystal clear Montauk shore, rubbing our bellies full of lobster rolls, slaw and bisque. We made our requisite visit to the Steven Alan outpost, admired the Carlos Motta chaise lounge and tried on the vivid summer prints by Rachel Comey while contemplating the oversized fringe scarfs that double as sarongs. We stopped into the Candy Kitchen on our way out towards the 454 for butterscotch sundaes, homemade maple walnut ice-cream, black & white ice-cream sodas and malteds. Shy away from the tempting rhubarb-strawberry pie. There should never be such a thing as frozen pie, especially when the rhubarb stalks are sprouting up as we write.

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