Friday, September 4, 2009

Karen O and The Kids

Karen O. of Yeah Yeah Yeahs rocks our world. Her single All Is Love (off the WTWTA soundtrack) was just released on iTunes. Miss O. co-produced, wrote and performed the songs along with a gaggle of rockers nicknamed "the kids" that include but are not exclusive to members from Deerhunter, YYY's, Dead Weather, Gris Gris, and Queens of the Stone Age, not to mention a children's choir that will most likely endear us even more to the film adaptation of one of our favorite childhood books.
Scheduled to release September 29 on DGC/Interscope.
Track listing:
01. Igloo
02. All Is Love
03. Capsize
04. Worried Shoes
05. Rumpus
06. Rumpus Reprise
07. Hideaway
08. Cliffs
09. Animal
10. Lost fur
11. Heads Up
12. Building All Is Love
13. Food Is Still Hot
14. Sailing Home

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