Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Days

We don't miss those mysterious stomach pains that used to sneak up on us the weekend leading up to our first day of school, nor the scoliotic posture rewarded us for hauling 30 lbs of books to and fro. That doesn't mean we still don't fantasize just a little about being hypothetically shipped off to school with a trunk full of uniform blazers, ties and caps. Here, some inspirational vintage photos, Brit-style. They seem to know a bit about nuancing the every day uniform across the big pond. (Note: a young Benjamin Britten in striped blazer.)

Band of Outsiders, GQ, August 09

Band of Outsiders, Fall 09 NY Fashion Wk. Photo by Akira Yamada.

Paul Smith Collection

Thom Browne for Black Fleece

A.P.C., Fall/Winter 10

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