Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Docket: Game Day

TLF grew up craving sunshine and hot climates. But more and more, Autumn is fast becoming our favorite season. And as the sun sets sooner and the temperature drops, another thing comes to mind. College football. Oh, you know you loved it way back when. We still do. Which is why we'll begin shutting ourselves indoors on weekends. Call it what you will: nostalgia, camaraderie, the memory of freezing our asses off as we stood shivering in the rain with paint on our faces and our torsos, the tailgate parties, the collective dejection of defeat and the euphoria of winning. It's still there, only now we're in our pajamas eating buffalo wings on our sectional instead of sharing the team blanket across four sets of knees, chanting until our voices grow hoarse as we battle for the ol' oaken bucket, hoping to defeat IU one more time. Boiler up! 

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