Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend Docket: Our Fave Pizza With A Side of Vintage

We've been waiting a long time to spill the beans on our favorite pizzeria Lucali's, located in Carroll Gardens. On our first visit we waited down the street at Brooklyn Social for almost two hours for the fateful call alerting us our table was ready. Once inside we got cozy in the dimmed, candlelit room (yes, the owner/pizza maker preps his creations by candlelight), where the walls don't exist between the kitchen and the dining room. The crust is bubbled up to perfection, the sauce deliciously fresh, and the basil is free. Our favorite topping is pepperoni. It's cash-only and BYO, so don't forget your favorite red wine or beer. 

When there's a long wait, we usually walk the two blocks to Brooklyn Social, a vintage bar that pays homage to the Italian social club that once occupied the windowless bar. The vintage feel of the space (e.g. pressed tin ceiling, surviving club photos that decorate the walls...) comes off unpretentious and neighborhoody. The Riposto cocktails are unique: the mixologists have definitely taught us a thing or two about aperol and old-fashioneds. 

Lucali's: Henry Street @ Carroll, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Social: Smith Street @ Carroll, Brooklyn

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