Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lars von Trier: Antichrist

Although TLF has always looked forward to Lars von Trier’s films, we have to admit that when we read that his latest Antichrist had provoked extreme reactions (booing, gasping, laughter, light applause, et al.) from its audience at the Cannes Film Fest screening last May we underlined this as one of our top priorities for Fall. Granted, he’s not a “repeat offender” (never could bring ourselves to watch the incredible Dogville a second time). The cherry and whipped cream on top is that Antichrist pairs our favorite gamine Charlotte Gainsbourg with Willem Dafoe, whose understated off-screen persona helps to fuel the suspension of our disbelief when it concerns the intensity of his roles. 

The uncut version of Antichrist is scheduled to release in NYC on October 23.

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