Thursday, October 22, 2009

JACK SPADE: Cases for Digital Reading

We've watched JACK SPADE for quite some time now. They have a passion for developing bags and accessories that are functional and that improve with age while maintaining their sense of style. It's comforting to browse their little shop on Green Street. We could sit in that ripped leather couch all day, just to escape into an oversized closet of beautiful men's sweaters, flannel workshirts and mackintoshes, all housed within the walls of a paraphernalia-filled den seemingly decorated by an imaginative, adolescent boy circa 1950's. They've recently taken their service to function and their love of literature to the next level- digitally. Headed by JACK SPADE'S vice-president Cuan Hanley (former protege of Paul Smith), they've designed cases for Barnes & Noble's newly-launched nook e-reader, utilizing those same materials- waxwear, dipped canvas- that make their brand so recognizable and beloved. 

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