Thursday, October 22, 2009

Neckwear by David Hart & Co.

After hunting high and low for the perfect bowtie we ended our search at last. Stumbling upon David Hart and his irreverent sense of humor (smiling frogs, bullet bras, sci-fi robots, sock monkeys, et al.), as salient as his style, we think we've found a kindred spirit. In other words, Mr. Hart has a place in his heart for all things hand tailored, made in New York, and for materials imported from all over the world. He also knows that we were not born with bowtie-ing skills (hence video below). He reveres the old guard- Adrian, Poiret, Chanel- and he has a blog that boasts a digital collection of all things vintage. 

Each of his ties are hand tailored in New York City and offered exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. Here are some pieces we couldn't resist, followed by a peek at his Spring 2010 collection. 

Visit David Hart's website.

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