Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mixtape: Girls

They have an irreverent sense of humor. You know the kind of humor where the name of the LP is Album, they list more than ten people as members of their duo, their self-described sound is tropical/trash/goth, and their main influence was discovered in the rhyming dictionary (under "Girls"). Those are some of the few things we were able to dig up on this San Francisco band, behind our song of the moment "Lust for Life." There are quite a lot of different opinions on their sound, some of our favorites being that watching them live is like seeing a "David Lynch movie"; and their songs are "nostalgic for doo-wop," "gritty," and reminiscent of the "seductive glow of pharmaceutical counters." 

Not sure those descriptions do it for us. We thought they reminded us of something from our youth, back when shoe-gazing was cool, when Sofia Coppola still had long hair and was dating the guy from Red Kross, back when the Brit-pop sound held some stature on the American stages before Yankee grunge swept the airwaves clean of reverbed vocals and melodic pop sensibility. But we're oversimplifying way too much. They just can't be pigeon-holed. Have a listen and you'll figure it out.

November 6, 2009
@ Bowery Ballroom, NYC

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